Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics have recently made quite a sensation on the Polish market. Less than two months ago I picked up a package that contained Lily Lolo cosmetics, which I got with cooperation with Costasy store. Last few weeks I was testing them and I must admit that I fell in love with them. The content of the package was quite rich. Initially, I was not sure how the products will work on my skin, because I once read that minerals are not for people with dry skin. Have my fears been confirmed? You’ll find out soon.
The brand itself is rather good and respected. Cosmetics are not tested on animals, they also protect from the sun, do not contain artificial colors or irritating chemicals.
Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics review

BB Cream Lily Lolo

I start my make-up with mineral cosmetics from BB cream, which moisturizes my skin. It was recommended to me by the coordinator when she learned that my complexion was prone to drying. In my case, the cream is a great primer, but we may as well use it as the foundation, because it has medium coverage and brightens the face, and also quite well evens out the skin tone! Thanks to it, my make-up stays on the face much longer. The problem of dry skin on the nose seems to be invisible with this cream, which I enjoy immensely because I obviously hate it. A very big plus is its handy packaging with a pump, thanks to which we do not pour too much of it and we do not waste it. Unfortunately, it has a fairly thick consistency, which makes it difficult to spread, but as you know – for those who want nothing is difficult. It has a specific smell that some people love, for me personally it is his biggest downside, I’m definitely not its fan.

Mineral Foundation SPF15 Lily Lolo

I have heard a lot of good about mineral foundations, but for a long time I could not convience myself to its loose form. I had no idea how it should work with any other cosmetic. Ultimately, I am delighted with it, although I must admit that I am irritated when it falls on my black pants or floor when applying. The shade of the Lily Lolo foundation, Candy Cane, was also offered by the coordinator who, before sending the products, asked me for an exact description of my skin, complexion, etc. I must admit that the color could be a little brighter, but ultimately with the exact distribution of the product, it blends perfectly into the skin. There is no way, therefore, to use it in a hurry, because for the perfect effect, I have to spend a bit more time. My skin, however, looks extremely healthy and smooth, which was noticed not only by me. Fortunately, this cosmetic is odorless and has a light, adhesive formula and is quite concealing. I love to use it for a full make-up for going out to parties and for work, where I have to have my hair tied up, which I hate.
Along with cosmetics, I got detailed instructions on how to use them. I am very happy because I probably would not think about stamping my skin with a brush, which is recommended for people with dry skin. The foundation was also accompanied by the Super Kabuki brush, which perfectly harmonizes with this product. It is fluffy and delicate, and its hair does not fall out. It is quite handy, but a bit too big and it is difficult to handle it around the eyes.

Pistachio Mineral Corrector Lily Lolo

If you’re with me for a long time, you know how much I do not like my rosy cheeks. They are definitely my biggest nightmare. People consider them beautiful, sweet, wonderful, and for me it’s the opposite of all this. It’s a big problem for me to find something that will cover them perfectly. CC Cream from Bourjois is doing pretty good, but that’s not it. Powder from NYX makes me green. And then the concealer Pistachio from Lily Lolo appears on stage, which completely saves me from oppression! I usually put it beforethe concealer under the eyes and foundation. At this point, it is an inseparable point of my make-up. The thing that I loved with all my heart. In addition to the fact that my cheeks get rid of almost fully pink, and I’m happy, its creamy formula provides an extremely easy application, the concealer does not burden or irritate the skin, and in addition does not make me look like a green apple. It is my favorite.

Miami Beach Bronzer Lily Lolo

I love bronzers. I like to overdo and experiment with them. That’s why I could not refuse to order a pressed bronzer Lily Lolo. When I first saw him, the shade I chose – Miami Beach – at the beginning it seemed too dark, but then I put on the face and found it beautiful. It has a wonderful satin gloss, it does not shine, but it is also not matte – these two things meet in the middle, thanks to which the effect is natural, and additionally there are no spots on my cheeks. I’ve only recently put on those shiny ones and I still have some of them in my drawer, but now I put them aside and use only Miami Beach. It does not matter if I make all the makeup with mineral or liquid cosmetics, because it works great with everything. The effect is long-lasting, and the slightly wet consistency, without any particles, makes its application easier. As for me, this product is also free of defects.
To sum up: Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics made a huge impression on me. I’m sure I will use it again. Both bronzer and concealer are now my best friends, which are extraordinarily efficient and I am sure that I will still have them with me for the next few months, so I do not have to worry. The foundation is being used very quickly, so I will soon buy its next batch. The CC cream made the slightest impression on me and I would rather look for its replacement, although it is not so bad. Lily Lolo has stolen my heart, maybe it will steal yours. You can buy cosmetics on the Costasy website, in their stationary store in Warsaw or from the official Lily Lolo store, if you live in UK.
Or maybe you had the opportunity to test these cosmetics already? What are your opinions?
  1. Już wiele dobrego słyszałam o tej marce i z chęcią wypróbowałabym te kosmetyki 🙂 Będę na nie polować, jak tylko pokończą mi się te, których aktualnie używam.

  2. Słyszałam już dużo pozytywnych opinii o tej marce, może kiedyś zdecyduję się na zakup jakiegoś produktu. Na chwilę obecną chyba jednak za rzadko się maluję 😉

  3. I o marce i o kosmetykach słyszałam wiele dobrego ☺
    Musze wypróbować na sobie ten podkład mineralny,bo za pudrami nie przepadam z tego względu (jak sama wspomniałaś) że się sypia ☺
    Obserwuje ☺

  4. dziękuję Ci bardzo za ten post! 🙂 zawsze chciałam się na coś skusić z Lily Lolo, jednak ciągle odkładam zakupy gdyż posiadam minerały z Annabelle Minerals, być może jak będą się kończyć – sięgnę po Lily Lolo 🙂 Pozdrawiam serdecznie :*

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