Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park&Gym Glamour

Unfortunately, quarantine and lockdown in England are still ongoing. Compared to Poland, various places are slowly starting to open here, restrictions are loosening, but very careful. Personally, I must admit that I would love to go back to work because staying at home all the time is not very pleasant.
That’s why I’ve recently allowed myself a little trip to the national park, which is about twenty minutes away from me. I was extremely surprised by the number of people who decided to come there for a picnic. I was expecting emptiness. However, can anyone be surprised? We shouldn’t judge. However, I went for a fairly long walk around Bradgate Park, enjoying the beautiful views and the presence of animals, especially deers and fallow deers, which are there around people. The park has the ruins of a castle built in the 16th century. If you are ever in Leicestershire or the surrounding area, you should definitely visit this place.
Sometime I felt, it looked like from a fairy tale! 
I went for a walk in my favorite Gym Glamour set. Since I got my first set of seamless leggings for Christmas, I totally fell in love with them. So if you like to spend time actively and exercise, I recommend it with all my heart.
Do you like such trips?
  1. Wspaniałe, magiczne wręcz miejsce z tą zielenią, zwierzętami i ruinami. Zdjęcia zresztą bardzo profesjonalnie wykonane. Pozdrawiam serdecznie. 🙂

  2. Piękne widoki 🙂 mnie akurat cieszy to, że w Anglii wreszcie mecze wróciły i mogę oglądać Premier League 😀

  3. Siedzenie w domu jest mega męczące i zle dziala na psychikę wiec myśle, ze spacery są bardzo wskazane. Komplet fajny ale marki kompletnie nie kojarzę 🙂

  4. To miejsce jest magiczne! Uwielbiam spacerować w tak cudownych miejscach, mam nadzieję, że będę miała okazję odwiedzić tamte okolice.

  5. Unfortunately I didn't as it was during lockdown and it was closed. But I don't live far away, so maybe next time I will have a chance!

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