Sparkle Eyeshadow Palette

‘Sparkle’ Eyeshadow Palette Eveline

Today I am coming to you with a review of Eveline eyeshadow palette. I had the opportunity to use another palette from this brand (read: ‘Burn’ eyeshadow palette by Eveline’) and I loved it, so I wasn’t afraid to buy another one.
Personally, I love all kinds of reds, oranges, and browns on my eyes and they usually appear in my everyday makeup when I don’t have time for accuracy and precision. That is why the ‘Sparkle’ eyeshadow palette immediately captivated me with its colors. I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have reached for it at Rossmann if it weren’t for that shiny sequined package. A perfect publicity stunt – people who are visual won’t pass by indifferently. However, does the quality of the shadows match the appearance?

The Sparkle Eyeshadow Palette

The package includes nine shadows: five matte and four metallics, in warm colors, and with a creamy texture. We have a light beige here, which will perfectly fit under the eyebrow, or, if you like, into the inner corner of the eye. Orange, red, and brown perfectly blend in with the autumn aura that surrounds us. However, if we don’t like boredom, we can also choose gold, which leaves a beautiful glow on the eye.
The manufacturer assures us that it’s ‘an ideal composition of silky matt and highly shiny, intensely pigmented eyeshadows which allow to conjure up stunning eye make-up in delicate and more daring version’. I must admit that the pigmentation is amazing! We don’t need to apply a large amount of the product to the brush and it transfers to the eyelid practically in the same condition as we see it in the package. They are saturated.
In addition, we can definitely build shadows if we expect a stronger effect. There is also no major problem with blending!
They don’t make stains on the eyelid, but they flake off a bit, so when using it, I’d recommend applying eye make-up first, and then applying foundation.
I used this palette in conjunction with many others from the lower and higher shelf, and it worked great with most of them, such as Make Up Revolution, Wibo, but also with Urban Decay or Morphe. The only one that didn’t work was Huda Beauty, but I believe it was the fault of the second one because for me was a total waste of money.


To sum up, the ‘Sparkle’ palette by Eveline Cosmetics is definitely one of my favourites. It is handy, perfect for everyday use, but also for a night out. Thanks to the small package, we can take it with us when we travel, and the mirror attached to it is very helpful when there isn’t another one around. The downside for some may be subdued, similar colors. Metallic gold is definitely my favorite shade from this palette.
This isn’t something new on the cosmetics market, but both Rossmann and Eveline are running a promotion, so I recommend stocking up on this item!
  1. Piękne kolorki ma ta paletka 😉 zgadzam się, ze przez to błyszczące opakowanie nie da się jej nie zauważyć 🙂 uwielbiam takie opakowania 🙂

  2. Jakoś nie przekonują mnie kolory tej palety, ale jak sprawdzałam to cienie są super jakości. Ja bardzo lubię paletę z Revolution, teraz są dostępne w rossmannie 😀

  3. Kolory nie 'moje' ale cienie faktycznie wyglądają na fajnej jakości. Do tego w bardzo dobrej cenie. Muszę wypróbować cienie tej marki 🙂

  4. Jeśli chodzi o drogeryjne palety cieni to moim faworytem jest Rimmel ☺
    Markę Eveline uwielbiam,mam ich paletkę "Angel Dream" i niestety ich pigmentacja jest słaba

  5. fakt ta paletka na pewno zwróciła by moją uwagę swoim opakowaniem cienie też piękne może się skuszę bo póki co kosmetykami tej marki byłam zawsze zadowolona pozdrawiam świetny post 🙂

  6. Mam ją w swojej kolekcji- faktycznie nieco się obsypuje, ale efekt na powiece jest świetny. Jedno, do czego mogłabym się przyczepić to trwałość na powiece- ale, to jest sprawa w dużej mierze indywidualna.
    pozdrawiam serdecznie znad filiżanki kawy 🙂

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